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how to discuss through the chat

1 Chat

1.1 Conversation Settings:

You can configure notification settings related to a conversation.

On the right of the Start Call button there is a little gear, click on it to access your Conversation Settings at the bottom of the dropdown menu. Here you can decide whether to receive notification.

conversation settings

1.2 Chat settings

You can configure general chat settings including devices, sounds, and other minor.

At the bottom of the screen, on the left, click on Talk Settings to configure your general settings for the conversations.

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talk settings

1.3 Text

You can write plain text messages or use an emoji

Write in the box at the bottom of the page and push enter on your keyboard to post your message.

Click on the smiling face in the chat text box to choose an emoji to add to your message.

text and emoji (2).jpg

1.4 Tags

To mention other users write the @ symbol before the user name that you want to mention (ex. @Mark)


1.5 Abuse report

To report an abuse, click on the exclamation mark near the name of the user, in the Participants column on the right side of the screen

abuse report (2).jpg

1.6 Conversation description

Please follow the ongoing forum text discussion by looking at the description of the conversation - top bar

description conversation top bar

Title on mouse hover changes the color

description conversation title

Description on mouse hover open a tooltip with the full description

description conversation onmousehover

2 Machine Translation

To request a translation: mouse hover the text to be translated, a menu appears, click on the first icon. Available translation languages will appear. Click on the language you want the translation to be provided.

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3 Resources

You can upload documents and media content. They will be available to all the users and will remain available until you don't delete them from the chat. Also, you can access all documents and media content related to a conversation.

3.1 Upload a file

managers only

3.2 Access all documents and media content

On the last column on the right side of the screen there is a section that contains the Shared Items. Click on Shared Items to navigate all the files that have been added in the Conversation by the users. You can also choose to view or to hide the column by a simple click on the X top right the screen.

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